1. Sofie,
    As soon as I saw you
    my heart was struck
    by your beauty

    (translated from French)

  2. For John
    Who is a part of
    England and America
    with leanings toward
    24 July 1942

  3. And souvenirs from Macy’s—
    To commemorate the rainy day when
    Her & I fled a time-burdened home
    to seek you out—at Macy’s.
    Wine from these grapes—the
    rich red seal of sacrifice—the bodily
    suffering of you which re-created in
    me a new soul strength—all
    because of your experience at Macy’s.
    Let us give thanks for Macy’s.

    Since “poetry is the synthesis of
    hyacinths and biscuits”!

  4. From the President and Fel-
    lows of Yale College, to An-
    drew Staines for excelling in

    J. Day
    April, 1835

  5. Locke likes lyrics And leonines
    And Charlie Chaplin
    Locke likes sirloins
    And chocolate cake
    I do hope Locke likes
    William Blake

  6. Day dawns, and all these lives that
    lay hidden, asleep, come forth
    and show themselves, made mortally
    manifest. Night falls,
    and all return to the sleeping
    germ of life.

    Best wishes
    Dennis and Brad

  7. On the Day of the Book, your husband dedicates

    you the life of Pau Casals.
    Your admired and loved musician with your love each day.
    Your husband
    April 23rd

    (Translated from Catalan)

  8. Incroyable

    That it is incroyable is exactly
    the point.

  9. Friday
    May 31, 1985

    My dearest Soulmate,
    Today I want to give to you.
    I suppose because I’m uncomfortable
    with the expectations of receiving
    I’ve felt around this time of year before
    my birthday. I decided to love
    you physically by giving you
    this wonderful book from a man
    who wrote this so long ago*. I wish
    I could have known him but
    I’m a wisher all together, aren’t I?
    I have dreams…
    Loving You,
    Tina R.

    *seems like yesterday some of
    those words ring so clear

  10. Hey Erik—

    This is


  11. To Ella
    from her father
    Dec. 25, 1897

    I went to Mr Longfellow’s
    home at the kindness
    of Miss Alice Longfellow.
    I saw brave Alice
    laughing, Allegra (Miss Thorpe),
    and Edith with golden
    hair (Mrs. Dana)
    May 30, 1906

  12. 1918 Happy Birthday to
    Lucy from Sister

  13. April 15, 1981

    For Ted,
    In commemoration
    of your Great Civil


  14. To My Wonderful

    May all the years of our marriage
    be as happy as this first one was.

    Love Always,

  15. To Mark
    Let the poetic sound of
    moons and stars invade
    your night thoughts to give
    you sweet dreams always
    for in your dreams lies
    the happiness you truly want.
    hope you enjoy the book