1. Au Revoir
    to Helen
    with love
    Ella D.

    Jan 16, 1975

  2. space travel is comparable in
    significance to the move of the
    fishes out of water 350 million
    years ago.

  3. to Ella,

    who masters all the problems
    with my affection + admiration


  4. To Stan,

    I cannot allow other common
    friendships to be placed in the same line
    with ours. I have as much knowledge of
    them as another and of the most perfect
    of their kind, but I should not advise any-
    one to measure them with the same rule;
    he would be much mistaken. In those other
    friendships one has to walk with one’s
    bridle in one’s hand, prudently and
    cautiously: the knot is not tied so tightly
    but that it will cause some misgiving —
    — But in the other kind where we
    exhibit the very depths of our heart and
    make no reservations, truly all the springs
    of action must be perfectly ‘clear and true’.”

    from Dicky, APRIL ‘45

  5. Lord Coventry’s
    Book which his dear
    Uncle Henry gave

    The Earl of Coventry.

  6. 6.27.95

    Dear Cook,
    This may not be light reading,
    But it may be something you
    can empathize with.
    Hope you have a speedy recovery!
    Frances + Bob

  7. 28 Oct. 1995
    Newport News, VA

    For my dear friend, Bob,
    “Good books, like good
    friends, are few and
    chosen; the more select,
    the more enjoyable.”
    -Louisa May Alcott


  8. For Alexandra
    who thinks
    weighs ways
    all to understand, realize
    and convey

    Love from Peter
    August 1994.

  9. Jackson likes:
    bread—white or brown
    apple (peeled)
    cucumber (peeled)
    hard boiled egg yolk.

    Jackson is dead and I
    am very sad. Next birthday
    I would like two canaries like Jackson

  10. Christmas 1995
    “We have stories
    as old as the great seas
    breaking through the chest
    flying out the mouth
    noisy tongues that once were
    all the oceans we contain
    coming to light.”
    –Chickasaw Indian saying

    The stories that shaped your life…
    Love Always

  11. Dr. Walter
    Hope Sound, Fla.

    Maybe Palmistry is only a hoax – but
    it’s proven true in the reading of the
    lines etc. in my hands. My life line
    extends clear & deep down to wrist – will
    it also prove true to its meaning?
    long life-? is indicated – but let’s
    watch – wait – live & see if this important
    part of the Palmistry story is true.
    I was born Jan. 6, 1899- will I go on now another
    30 big years????

  12. I love you Dad.
    I’m very sorry that me and Ian fight.
    We won’t fight anymore.

    I hope you and mom go on a journey
    just like in this book when Tara and I
    are at college. Have a great birthday.


  13. Happy 21st Steve
    You’ll get there one day
    Do your best!


    (Translated from Japanese)

  14. July 18 1992


    When George was asked
    perhaps an inevitable question,
    he responded–”Because I love
    her, that’s why–”
    Well, because I love you–

    Happy Birthday–


  15. To Wiley,

    May this book help in your
    quest for the answers you look for