1. Alex-
    A few moments of
    reading pleasure in return
    for an evening of sensual

    October Bacchanalia


  2. To Lynn Easton —

    — with thanks for 
    making women proud —

    Gloria Steinem


  3. I can take all the maddness
    the world has to give,
    but I won’t last a day without

  4. To My Mother
    Lou Alice

    I know it’s hard to
    go thru the desert—but
    know that God is holding
    your hand and I
    am holding you in
    my heart.

    I love you—and
    ache for you
    your daughter No. III

    Priscilla IV

  5. Dear Duncan,
    Truth and beauty shine
    brightly by any name—this volume
    has brought much of both to me and
    I hope it may to you.

  6. December 1979
    If you have a goal in life
    that takes a lot of energy
    that incurs a great deal of
    interest and that is a
    challenge to you, you
    will always look forward
    to waking up to see what
    the new day brings.

    If you find people in your
    life that understand you
    completely—that share your
    ideas and believe in everything
    you do, you will always
    look forward to the night
    because you will never be

    I hope this book brings
    you as much enjoyment and peace
    as it has brought me.


  7. Locke likes lyrics And leonines
    And Charlie Chaplin
    Locke likes sirloins
    And chocolate cake
    I do hope Locke likes
    William Blake

  8. To Stan,

    I cannot allow other common
    friendships to be placed in the same line
    with ours. I have as much knowledge of
    them as another and of the most perfect
    of their kind, but I should not advise any-
    one to measure them with the same rule;
    he would be much mistaken. In those other
    friendships one has to walk with one’s
    bridle in one’s hand, prudently and
    cautiously: the knot is not tied so tightly
    but that it will cause some misgiving —
    — But in the other kind where we
    exhibit the very depths of our heart and
    make no reservations, truly all the springs
    of action must be perfectly ‘clear and true’.”

    from Dicky, APRIL ‘45

  9. Lord Coventry’s
    Book which his dear
    Uncle Henry gave

    The Earl of Coventry.

  10. Lindy,

    Nothing like this
    ever ends. The ring,
    like Gandalf, never ends.

    I love you

  11. 1/22/09

    I love you gorgeous

    Marry Me!”

  12. 6.27.95

    Dear Cook,
    This may not be light reading,
    But it may be something you
    can empathize with.
    Hope you have a speedy recovery!
    Frances + Bob

  13. Dear Little Sunshine,
    May you enjoy reading this
    book just as much as I
    enjoyed giving it


  14. 28 Oct. 1995
    Newport News, VA

    For my dear friend, Bob,
    “Good books, like good
    friends, are few and
    chosen; the more select,
    the more enjoyable.”
    -Louisa May Alcott


  15. Christmas 1958

    Mr. May
    Statistics – long may they live!
    Alger R.