1. To Christine

    With many thanks
    for heroism beyond the call
    of duty during the Battle
    of Jerusalem, June, 1976


  2. Sofie,
    As soon as I saw you
    my heart was struck
    by your beauty

    (translated from French)

  3. Au Revoir
    to Helen
    with love
    Ella D.

    Jan 16, 1975

  4. -1979-

    Merry Christmas!
    I thought when you
    were feeling ambitious – you
    might like to try some of these
    (and then invite us over for a taste!)
    Bon appetit.

  5. Miss E. Frances
    With my dear love.
    It is forbidden to laugh
    at Royalty

  6. Ciau Bello,
    Today is the
    grand voyage day-
    Dec. ‘95 & off to Oz.
    Have a rip (& a wee
    in the sea for me!) and
    enjoy the read.
    all my love,

  7. Out of the quiet—a song
    Out of the dark—a light
    Out of my heart—a wish
    for your happiness.
    With love
    Christmas 1949

  8. I, too, have wanted
    more than a friendship.

  9. 9/03

    Dear Gillian,
    I’ll be honest with you — I
    bought you this based on
    a misreading of the title.

    Don’t worry though, this
    gift is just to tickle you
    over anyway. Once you
    tell me your shoe size, I’ll
    be able to follow-up a hot
    lead I’ve got on attractive
    acupuncture shoes so cheap
    that even Andy will be able
    to chip in.

    Still, enjoy the book. It
    looks promising — especially
    since I fixed the title.

    Yours Truly,


  10. Sept. 94
    This is a nice book about
    I really got alot out of
    It really is “positive”!
    Hope you appreciate it!

  11. dec 20 1931

    Life laughs and sighs,
    Life gives and takes
    A pleasure dies,
    A memory wakes.
    Out of the Night
    Arises Morn
    When fades the light
    The stars are born.
    Life takes a part
    To make a whole
    And kreates breaks the heart
    To save the soul.

  12. I can take all the maddness
    the world has to give,
    but I won’t last a day without

  13. Happy Father’s Day 1995
    You’ve always been
    like a father to me,
    and I love you for it.

  14. Vivian darling—

    Salemson always boasted
    he would never autograph a
    book he didn’t write himself,
    but here’s the one that, more
    than any other, he would have
    wanted to write—with love
    and belated birthday greetings,

    August 1936

  15. To Charlie

    My friend—
    in or out of uniform